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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting - Quality in Every Part that we Cut
Quality in Every Part that we Cut

Laser cutting is ideal for quickly making custom parts from a wide variety of materials. Our high powered 4000 watt Mitsubishi laser is capable of cutting anything from thick metals, to thin plastics and silicone gaskets. Most lasers work best on carbon or stainless steels.

Our high powered 4000 watt machines allow us to process thicker plates and more problematic materials like aluminum and copper. Using our lasers or waterjets, we add economic benefits to the manufacturing process in a number of ways. This includes nesting parts to maximize the usable material and eliminate scrap. In addition, secondary deburring operations can be reduced or eliminated due to the high quality cutting we provide.

As a true laser and waterjet cutting job shop, our primary focus is delivery of high quality parts, and meeting our customer's delivery requirements. Advanced Laser & Waterjet Cutting Inc., has several highly cross trained operators, which
allows us to adjust our schedule to meet our customers delivery requirements.
As a job shop, we regularly cut a wide variety of material every day. It's common
for a shift to cut acrylic, silicone gaskets, metal shims and then on to thick
stainless plate on the same machine.

Advanced Laser & Waterjet Cutting Inc.'s Competitive Advantages:

  • Mitsubishi 4000 watt laser with a large 60"x 120" cutting table.
  • High power allows for faster cutting speeds which means competitive pricing.
  • Our Primary focus as a job shop, is mastering set up and technical
    specifications to provide superior edge quality and parts that meet your
    drawing specs.
  • Complete range of experience in almost all material types and thickness
    allows for on time delivery.
  • We stock many types and thickness of metals.
  • Our experience in the laser filed dates to the early 90's.

There are too many applications of lasers to list here, but examples include
electronic shielding or the cutting of complex shapes out of sheet steel.

Laser Cutting Laser Cutting
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