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Fabrivision Inspection System

Fabrivision Inspection SystemIncorporated into Advanced Laser Cutting's quality control system is our Fabrivision inspection system.

This system allows us to inspect parts after they are cut. Using high intensity scanning capabilities Fabrivision is able to inspect parts with incredible accuracy. After the part has been scanned, the computer translates the data into a 2-D diagram, compares it with the programmed specifications, and then displays where errors have occurred in the part.

QualityThe Fabrivision is not just limited to inspection, it can also be utilized to digitize parts and incorporate them directly into CAD drawings for our programmers to use in the cutting process.

This system allows for quick reverse engineering of parts. We can scan a template or a flat part to create an electronic file from which we can make parts. It's as simple as cutting a paper doll to be scanned. We can scale it to the size you require.    

We have had success with the Fabrivision in that it not only helps us maintain our strict quality standards, but it also gives our customers security knowing that their parts are being given a thorough inspection.

Customers without CAD capabilities use this to create CAD files we cut to.

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