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WaterJet Cutting
- Non-Thermal Cutting
- 72" x 144" Large Cutting Area
Laser Cutting
- Precision
- Plastics
- Electronic Shielding
- 60" x 120" Large Cutting Area
- Fabrivision
- CAD Drawings
- 2D Part Scanning
Product Gallery
- Waterjet Cutting
- Equipment
- Precision Parts


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Pricing at Advanced Laser & Waterjet Cutting Inc. is based on the material and time it takes to process the parts.

Our computer aided pricing program, which incorporates all the factors of part processing, guarantees a competitive, accurate, and fair price for what your company is looking for.

Our minimum lot charge for a job is approx $150.

To receive a free estimate, simply fill out the form below. Please describe your needs including material, quantities and deadlines if possible. If you have drawings or a job description document, you can upload them.

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If you would like to include a .DXF file please follow these steps.
  1. Open up your e-mail program (Microsoft Exchange, Netscape) or click on info@adv-laser.com to automatically bring up your e-mail account.
  2. Put .DXF and your name or company as the subject.
  3. Select add an attachment.
  4. Select the .DXF or other file you want to send. (i.e. BMP, DWG, PRT, EPS, & IGS) Send the message.
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