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WaterJet Cutting

You truly get Simply Better Cutting

WaterJet Cutting When using waterjets you can throw out pre-conceived ideas about what are traditionally considered "difficult applications." Abrasive waterjets are ideally suited for tough applications such as titanium, Inconel, brass, any steel, aluminum, glass, stone or composites.

Waterjet Cutting is one of the fastest growing machining processes in the world. The basic technology is at once both simple and extremely complex. When water is pressurized up to 60,000 pounds per square inch (psi) and forced through a tiny opening, it can cut a variety of soft materials including food, paper and baby diapers, rubber and foam. When small amounts of abrasive particles, such as garnet, are mixed into the jet stream, the resulting "abrasive jet" can cut virtually any hard material such as metal, composites, stone and glass.

WaterJet CuttingAbrasive waterjet cutting produces parts, so secondary finishing can be eliminated. In applications with a mirror finish or tapped hole, secondary finishing is quick and easy because abrasive waterjets do not produce a hardened edge.
Waterjets allow for easy setup. Costs are reduced because fixturing is completed in minutes with no tooling charges. Because waterjets cut with a narrow kerf, parts can be tightly nested or common-line cut so raw material usage is maximized.

WaterJet CuttingAbrasive waterjet cutting is maneuvered with software-controlled, robotic motion systems - not hard tooling - so there are no costly, time-consuming changes between jobs. With our exclusive software control system, we draw, import, or scan in your part; specify the material type, thickness and edge finish; and then point-n-click on "start" to cut.

Within every abrasive waterjet is a pure waterjet cutter. The hair-thin waterjet can quickly cut gaskets, foams, plastics and thin rubber. The dual processing capability of UHP waterjets greatly enhances our versatility. For machining high volume, short runs or prototype parts, waterjet shape cutting systems are the most versatile machine tools in the world. With our equipment at Advance Laser & Waterjet Cutting Inc., we can provide a cutting solution for all your needs.

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